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Why Life Coaching?

An unstable economy, career challenges, the pressures of everyday life, family obligations, and trying to stay healthy are all contributing factors to feeling our life sometimes doesn't quite have the peace, clarity, and control we desire. This is why people hire Lisa Lombardi Coaching. 

The sports industry has used the support of coaches for a long time. Now, all kinds of people are using life coaches, including executives, children, homemakers, celebrities, college students, and entrepreneurs.  A life coach can help analyze your current situation, assist in removing obstacles, maximize your potential, and design a custom plan to reach your personal finish line. It's a very creative partnership with the ultimate goal to help the client make quick progress in an area they desire to shift.

If you don't know what your dreams are yet, we will unmask them together. If you aren't stuck right now, but know in your heart you want more, that's reason enough to inquire about life coaching.

Benefits of Personal Coaching...

At certain junctures, some people just work best by having a "map" along with a trusted and talented coach to help navigate the process. A life coach will help maximize your potential and capitalize on any low hanging fruit to kickoff your success.

Lisa Lombardi Coaching has proven coaching methodologies that have been delivered to thousands of clients since 2001 through private 1:1 sessions, live events, eco-coaching, and virtual. Raising the bar with a very tactical approach is how we differentiate ourselves from other coaches. The method to growing dreams is collaborative, visionary, fun, and always tactical. We will maximize all available resources. You will always know what we are working on and what will be coming up three bridges down the road. No more time has to be lost that can't be recaptured.

Get Clarity......Take Action......Reap Rewards!

We can't wait to speak with you about your journey. To start a conversation, reach out to Lisa Lombardi by emailing [email protected] or phone 331-222-9024.

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Our Featured Testimonials

Here's what our client friends are saying about Lisa Lombardi Life Coaching... 

I am so glad I found Lisa during the pandemic.  She helped me move through it when nothing else was working.  

Haley B.

It's so cool  to have a life coach.  I have been with Lisa for a long time now and always look forward to our sessions.  Her passion is refreshing.

Rick S.

We hired Lisa after therapy didn't make impact for our teenager.  Her connection with children is unmatched.  She also sends a written recap report after every session which is extremely valuable to a parent. Time and money well spent for our family.    

Chris B.

I met Lisa and her team at a park district workshop on self-esteem.  I hired her immediately to work one-on-one with my 7-year old.  My daughter always asks me when her next session is coming up with Coach Lisa.  She is very talented with children.  Highly recommend.

Cheryl  J.

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